Aung, E. (2012) Relationship Between Non-Formal Education Programs and Employment Opportunities: A Case Study of Trainings on Development in Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar's shift towards a democratic country entails an opening of the country to the rest of the world, and this all has directed attention to policy makers and experts indicating need for educational reforms to move forward human resource development agenda. One of the important sectors to be scrutinized is formal education sector; the government school system. This is because employment prospects for university graduates, comprising 2.7% of total economically active population, are very challenging at present. Within this context, role of non-formal education (NFE) programs which focus more on practical learning than formal education comes to be focused. However, there are limited studies how NFE programs can fill the education-employment gap. Thus, the research explores how NFE programs, particularly not given by government universities, make the connection between educations to employment which formal education fails to achieve.


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