UPCOMING PUBLIC SEMINAR: Great Walls: Journeys from Ideology to Experience... and Back Again with Filmmaker William Callahan

Join us for a film screening and discussion of Bill Callahan's "Great Walls: Journeys from Ideology to Experience... and Back Again"

Tuesday, 18 December
Saranites Room, Main Auditorium Chulalongkorn University

Please Register Here: https://goo.gl/forms/esOCCIfBWtpwnnW93

"Great Walls" examines the politics of walls by using the Great Wall of China to rethink both current border walls (the Trump Wall, the West Bank Barrier) and iconic walls (the Berlin Wall). It examines how walls serve as sites of ideology, both Cold War ideology and anti-immigrant ideology. It also examines how walls are sites of experience in every life by juxtaposing archive clips of political leaders and ethnographic film of ordinary people. The film utilizes walls to ask how personal experiences shape ideology and vice versa.

Discussants include:
Soravis Jayanama (Political Science)
Preeda Akarachantachote (Mass Communication)
Moodjalin Sudchareon (Arts)

The discussion will be moderated by Dr. Pandit Chanrochanakit (Political Science)