EVENT: "KNOTS Roundtrip to Klong Yong, Nakhon Pathom; and LPN Foundation, Samut Sakhon" [19-20 June 2017]

Klong Yong Community Enterprise, Nakhon Pathom Province; and Labour Rights Promotion Network Foundation, , Samut Sakhon Province

Co-Organized by The Master of Arts Program in International Development Studies (MAIDS), Center for Social Development Studies (CSDS), and Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University

Monday 19 June, 2017

Round Trip to Klong Yong, Salaya

“Environment, Organic Farming and Water Governance

through Trandisciplinary Approach from Field Visiting”

Ban Chanote, Klong Yong-Lantakfa Community Enterprise located in Lantakfa, Nakhon Chaisri, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand. The community enterprise has a main goal in producing organic rice and preserving the local paddy seeds in Nakhon Chaisri field. They also applied many technics in rice field management to increase the production. This community enterprise was established in 2010.  The president of this community enterprise is Nantha Prasarnwong. The missions of Ban Chanote, Klong Yong-Lantakfah Community Enterprise are to produce organic rice which directly connects with the consumers and lift up the income of rice farming more than chemical-used or low quality rice. The community enterprise started with organic vegetables and rice. The members of the community enterprise joined to build a small community rice-mill for consumption and enterprise.

9.00        Van leave for Klong Yong

10.00     Arrival at Ban Chanote-Klong Yong-Lantakfa Cooperative

10:30     Presentation of current situation on environment and water governance issues

12:00     Lunch   

13.00     Visit pomelo farm and discussion on the need for transdisciplinary approach

15:00     Come back to Bangkok

Tuesday 20 June, 2017

Round Trip to Samut Sakorn (Mahachai)

“Cross Border Migration, Diaspora Community’s Livelihood and

Trandisciplinary Studies from Field Visiting”

                Mahachai seaport is located in Samut Sakorn which is Thailand’s largest fish processing zone. The area is accommodated hundreds of migrant workers, mainly from Myanmar, though workers from Cambodia and Laos are also present. International attention has been given to trafficking in the fishery industry. During the roundtrip, participants will meet and discuss with the organizations working on migrant workers’ rights and counter-trafficking.

9:00        Van leave for Mahachai

10:00     Arrival at Labor Rights Promotion Network Foundation (LPN)

10:30     Presentation on migration issues and the need for transdisciplinary studies 

12:00     Lunch Time

13:00     Visit migrant education center and primary school at the temple              

14:30     Discussion on the need  for transdisciplinary approach   

15:00     Free time around Burmese market

16:00     Come back to Bangkok