Step 1: Non-Immigrant ED Visa

MAIDS-GRID International students are requested to apply for a Non--Immigrant ED (Education) Visa as follows:

  • All students are required to apply for the visa at the Thai Embassy/Consulate in your home country before entering Thailand.

  • However, if you enter Thailand using a tourist visa (or visa exemption), you may change it to a “Non-Immigrant ED Visa”, according to the Immigration Bureau. However, approval of such visa changes are not guaranteed and therefore it is better to receive the Non-Immigrant ED Visa from your home country.

    • Tourist VISA: must change within the first 45 days of entry

    • No Visa/ Visa Exemption/ VISA On Arrival: must change within the first 15 days of entry

Step 2: Visa Extension (in Thailand)

Around +/- 3 weeks before the date stamped in your passport, you will need to request a Transcript (CR25)* & Certificate of Student Status (CR23) from the Office of the Registrar (located on the second floor of Chamchuri 5 Building). Once you have received these two documents, please bring them along with your passport to our office.

* For your first visa extension you do not need to request a transcript (CR25) from the Office of the Registrar. This is only for future extensions past the one-year allowance. 

We will then need to process the request for the Office of International Affairs to write an official letter of request to the Department of Immigration (Chaeng Watthana) for your extension. Additionally, you need to fill out the TM.7 application form to bring with you to Immigration. As different nationalities require different documents to accompany the extension application, please research online which additional documents may be required for your specific nationality.

As you can see, there are two main processes that must be completed prior to your visit to Immigration, and both processes take time. Therefore, please keep in mind that it is your responsibility to ensure that this process is started in enough time to complete the extension before the date stamped in your passport.

Step 3: Re-Entry Permit

Additionally, if you plan to leave Thailand you will need to make sure to apply for a re-entry permit (TM.8after you extend your visa. You may do this on the same day as your visa extension, but it must be done after the extension to ensure that the re-entry is permitted for the extended date (not the original date). As we will have an international program field trip in the second trimester, I recommend that you get your re-entry permit now to save on the cost and time of going to Immigration. 

If you plan to travel outside of Thailand during the first trimester, you can choose to either pay for a multiple-reentry permit, or apply for a second re-entry permit after you have come back into Thailand. 

Step 4: 90-Day Reporting

And finally, please do remember that once you have received your completed visa extension, you are only permitted to stay in Thailand for 90 days. If you leave Thailand and come back in (using the re-entry permit), your 90-day count will be restarted. In order to stay in Thailand for longer than 90 days without leaving, you will have to report yourself to Immigration and fill out a form (TM.47). 

TM.30 (Registration of Accommodation/Address):                                                                              

Please note that the apartment/condo/dorm you are staying in should register a TM.30 for you - you need to make sure that this has been done prior to attempting to extend your visa, and again before attempting to complete a 90-day report.

All of the Immigration application forms/documents mentioned above can be found online or picked up at the Department of Immigration. Note that some forms require a photograph - there is a shop that processes these photos very quickly located in Chamchuri Square. Additionally, all processes will incur a fee that must be paid in cash (there are ATMs at the Department of Immigration if you forget).


Note: Please keep in mind that the staff processing these documents for you are not Immigration Officers and that all processes are subject to the approval of the Department of Immigration. If further documentation is requested by the Officers, you will need to be responsible for ensuring that you can secure the documentation and return to Immigration to complete your required Visa processes in the appropriate amount of time.