Student Status

According to Chulalongkorn University's regulation, everybody can maintain their student status up to 4 years. This means that in this trimester, those whose student number starts with "60" will have 3 academic years to graduate, "59" will have 2 academic years to graduate, and "58" will have this academic year as their last year. So, please kindly consider this timeframe and plan ahead to graduate in time. 

New iThesis Process

For this trimester 1/2018, the University will introduce a new online platform for thesis submission called "i-thesis". While the platform use will not be very different, it will help improve the effectiveness of the database. The current e-thesis system has been closed since 14 August 2018 and the i-thesis will be opened on 1 October 2018. This means that until then the online platform will be temporarily unavailable. The training session will be held by the Graduate School very soon. We will let you know the schedule once the dates are announced. 

Graduation Request Period:

24 September -                  2 November 2018

  • For graduation request, log into the reg website and go to the graduation request section. 
  • Please be noted that graduation request should be done only by those who are certain to have thesis defense and thesis submission this trimester. If you are unable to graduate this semester, you have to inform the staffs and cancel graduation request on reg website. 
  • If you do graduation request after the deadline, you will have to pay a fine of 1,000 baht.   
  • For those who plan to graduate this trimester, you have to publish or get acceptance to publish a part of your thesis in proceedings or academic journals. Along with the writing piece, please send me a certificate or a letter as proof of acceptance that your writing was published or, at least, was accepted to be published. 

Thesis Defense Period:

Now until                              2 November 2018

  • Before thesis defense, please check if you have uploaded your proposal into i-thesis system. If you haven't done it, please do it immediately. 
  • To have thesis defense, please arrange the date with the thesis committee at least two weeks before the actual thesis defense. 
  • After the date is concluded, please upload thesis draft into i-thesis system, ask your advisor to click approve right away, and prepare hard copies for thesis committee if they need it. 
  • Before thesis defense, please inform me of the concluded date for thesis defense, so that we can reserve the room and parking lots for the thesis committee. Also, send me a digital copy of your thesis so that I can prepare documents to run through the faculty's process.   

Thesis Submission Period:

Now until                          30 November 2018

  • After thesis defense, with edition according to committee's recommendations, send me the final thesis to for plagiarism check on Turnitin.
  • With the Turnitin result, upload final thesis into e-thesis system and ask your advisor to click approve.
  • With the process on i-thesis done, please print a submission form and hard copy of final thesis - a version with the barcode, not watermark - from i-thesis platform. 
  • Arrange a date with thesis chairperson and advisor for collecting signatures into the submission form. Also, come to pick approval page with the dean's signature at MAIDS Office. Prepare 300 baht for thesis binding fee and collect all documents to hand it to graduate school. 
  • THERE WILL BE NO DEADLINE EXTENSION IN THE 1ST TRIMESTER 2018. If you are not able to submit by the deadline, it means you will have to register for another trimester.