Now Offering a Dual-MA Degree Program!

 The 2019 intake offers the first opportunity to participate in a two-year dual degree program, in which students will study with the Graduate Program in Global Studies (GPGS) at Sophia University (Tokyo, Japan) and the MA in International Development Studies (MAIDS), Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University. The program runs over 2 years (6 trimesters). The dual degree program combines the strengths of GPGS and MAIDS in research and education, allowing students to design and develop theoretically rigorous and empirically rich research in Tokyo and Bangkok. The dual degree program also provides students the opportunity to write a thesis jointly supervised by Sophia and Chulalongkorn faculty. Students will typically study three trimesters at Chulalongkorn and three semesters at Sophia. After fulfilling the requirements of the two programs, students will receive two degrees: an M.A. in Global Studies from Sophia and an M.A. in International Development Studies from Chulalongkorn.


Timeline of Study: Students will spend the first two trimesters of study at Chulalongkorn University, taking core and elective courses in the MAIDS program. This is followed by three consecutive trimesters (one academic year) at Sophia University to earn credits in coursework and research/ fieldwork. The program is completed by spending a final (sixth) trimester at Chulalongkorn to finalize and defend a Masters Thesis.


Cost of Program: Students chosen to participate in the dual degree program will pay the rate of tuition at their sending institution, in this case, the rate of tuition at MAIDS Chulalongkorn, for the duration of study. The cost is broken down as follows:


Application Fee:

Field Trip Fee:

Registration Fees:

University Tuition:

Total Program Cost:

800 THB

15,000 THB

65,000 THB / trimester

23,000 THB / trimester (Thai nationality) OR 80,000 THB / trimester (International students)

543,800 THB (Thai nationality) OR 885,800 THB (International students)

*Please note that other expenses (accommodation, travel, visa, course materials, etc) are not included in the cost of the program as outlined here and are the responsibility of the student.