Using Library at Chulalongkorn University                                                                                                                                 By Bhonbhan Pilakasiri (Plum), Political Science Librarian

This is the website,, You can use all websites that are the network of “chulalinet”.

1. To Borrow If you want to borrow a book or more (Not more than 15, if you want to borrow book from other libraries. If you want to borrow only from PolSci library, you can borrow more than 15 books). How to borrow? You should sign your name and student ID card* on the white card at the last page of the book(s) then bring them to Circulation desk (desk when you want to borrow or return PolSci book or using computer at Cyber Zone)

     1.1 To Borrow the book from other libraries You can borrow the book by yourself normally from all libraries in Chula, but they do not allow you to borrow some books, and when the books are past due you will have to pay 3 THB per day

     1.2 To borrow the book from other libraries BUT you don’t want to go to those Libraries.

You can use “CU Book Delivery” But you need to fill the form completely. One day earlier ( Mon. - Fri. ) after PolSci librarian verify your form, he or she will send the form to the those libraries, that you filled in the form, and then they, those libraries, will tell you that you can borrow or not and if the books can be borrowed they will tell you the time that you can pick the book(s) up at your library.

* You will receive student ID card after the university open about two weeks, you have to use it when you come to library and when you borrow the book(s)etc. If you don’t have it now you can tell library personnel.


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