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Round 1: Open now - March 31 > Round 2: April 8 - 30

Registering with the Graduate School MUST be done IN ADDITION to submitting your application via email directly to the MAIDS-GRID program. Please follow the steps below, then create an account and proceed with the registration.


  1. Click the link here to access the online registration form for Chulalongkorn University Graduate School: https://www.register.gradchula.com/apply/register

  2. In the upper right hand corner, click the Thai flag to change the language to English if necessary.

  3. In the search bar, type “International Development” and choose the appropriate program out of the options provided.

    1. For the MA program, choose option 1

    2. For the PhD program, option 2 corresponds to Plan 1.1 and option 3 corresponds to Plan 2.1 (see here for more information)

Please Note:

You will see this box on the program page in the Graduate School’s online registration portal. However, you do NOT need to submit your program application via mail. As provided in Step 1 of our application procedure, submitting via email is the preferred method of application for the 2019 intake.

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There are two methods of registering with the Graduate School: ordinary and extraordinary.

If you are planning to apply for scholarships, you must register using the extraordinary method.

The requirements for the extraordinary method are as follows:

MA Program:

  1. BA GPA of 3.0 or higher

  2. Submission of an additional letter of recommendation

PhD Plans 1.1 and 2.1:

  1. MA GPA of 3.5 or higher OR ISI Scopus Publication

  2. Submission of an additional letter of recommendation

Questions? Email: applications.maids@gmail.com

Additional Tips on the Registration Process:

  • Fill out your portal profile completely and accurately, as this information will be automatically inserted into your registration document.

  • For the Educational Background, University/Institution options are not provided in English. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the list and choose “Other”

  • When you first choose to register for the program, there will be a short survey - the most important part is to choose the correct Bank. The other two questions are unnecessary - just submit after choosing your Bank.

  • The next screen provides a box with the title “To Do Task” - click on the blue button that says “UPLOAD RELATED APPLY DOCUMENTS” to view the list of required documentation. These documents must be prepared (signed and scanned or signed digitally) and uploaded to the portal. These documents are as follows:

    • Copy of Thai ID or International Passport

    • Copies of transcripts,

    • Copies of degrees

    • Result of English proficiency exam if applicable

    • Bank receipt for the Registration fee: please upload the same document as sent to the MAIDS-GRID program as proof of Application Fee payment (#10 in the document list)

  • Once all documents are uploaded, click “SAVE” and return to the previous screen.

  • The “UPLOAD RELATED APPLY DOCUMENTS” should now have a green check next to it:

  • Finally, click on the blue “DOWNLOAD” box in the corner to download your completed Registration Document.

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